Recent studies of the brain by researchers using powerful new technologies such as PET and SPECT scanning and f-MRI have led to the discovery of the Executive Attention Network, the part of the brain that is most involved in directing where we focus our attention. In other words, it choreographs the dance of the brain, by turning on and off various parts of the brain that are necessary to direct our attention to certain aspects of our experience. According to a Scientific American Library book, Images of Mind, by Dr. Michael Posner (a cognitive psychologist) and Dr. Marcus Raichle (a PET scanner), the Executive Attention Network is located in the left or fissure between the two hemispheres of the brain, right below the midline of the scalp, an inch or two forward of the vertex, the very top of the head. This part of the anterior cingulate cortex may actually be the central part of the brain’s master delegator, somewhat like the executive assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation, responsible for carrying out the CEO’s orders by coordinating the resources of the corporation.       

            Using toniQbrain can produce rapid, long-lasting improvements in your concentration, learning, visualization, and mood by teaching you to better focus your attention, regulate your use of mental energy,  and frequently recharge your brain.

            When the Executive Attention Network encounters an experience that the brain judges to be unfamiliar, an experience that can’t be easily categorized on the basis of prior experience, it turns on the prefrontal cortex, along with many other regions of the cortex. As a result, we become aware or conscious of this new information. The processing of this new information is spread widely across the cortex at first, producing a lot of high frequency messages from one part of the cortex to another.

            In other words we learn hot to better manage the processing of the new information. As a result, we are able to concentrate longer and have better overall performances. You can also train yourself to visualize better.

            Our technology uses brainwave Sensors located a little forward of this point—in the middle of the forehead–to detect what is happening in the central prefrontal cortex and the Executive Attention Network.

            What can you achieve?

  • Concentrate better while you relax more.
  • Improve grades and/or job performance.
  • Stay on task with less stress.
  • Keep you focused on the game.
  • Play at your peak.
  • Counteracting age-related cognitive decline
  • Decreasing memory loss
  • Improving happiness and long-term health
  • Improving behavior by reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity