The psychological preparation of athletes for competition could be described as “taking the brain to the weight room”. That is, the athletes are being mentally conditioned to withstand the rigors of fatigue, time pressure, undue expectations, and crowd pressure to give them the possibility of meeting or exceeding their performance goals. Beside psychological support, biofeedback technology and skills training should be an integral part of a training regiment. Competition stress, anxiety, and muscle tension are common antecedents of performance. Through biofeedback, the athlete can objectively assess and control these variables in the long run.

            There is a strong relationship between mental and physical performance in sport. In this context, the development of a wide range of mental powers, such as focus and concentration, elevates sport performance. Focus means selective attention due to brain energy and concentration is duration of this complete attention in time. In addition to psychological support, many biofeedback modalities are applied to obtain self regulation of bodily functions.

            ToniQBrain can help you improve your focus, alertness and concentration using biofeedback.

            What can we do for you?

  • Learn to control the activation level
  • Manage emotions and moodswings
  • Assure physiological readiness of the body for optimimum performance
  • Sustaining focus on the game even when fatigued
  • More easily finding and staying in “The Zone”
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving the ability to focus away from pain